100,000 Adium Downloads

September 27, 2007

This morning the Renkoo Adium Message Style passed 100,000 downloads!

Congrats to all, and please download Renkoo for your Adium or your Firefox if you haven’t already.

The Mac chat application Adium released version 1.0 a few days ago, and Lifehacker recommends it to Mac users.

The most popular of the Adium message styles is the Renkoo message style, which as its author Torrey Rice says, “was born of the awesome web application by the same name”.

With the release of Adium Message style – Renkoo, v2.3, the graphical assets of Renkoo are now available open sourced under the BSD and AFL license.

What does that mean? According to Torrey, “relatively soon I will be making a page that hosts not only the open source theme assets but also the source Photoshop files I used to create the theme. More details to follow! :)”

Short Renkoo Adium Update

January 18, 2007

We last wrote about this nine months ago, so here’s a short update…

Torrey’s Renkoo Adium extension has passed 60,000 downloads, with user comments such as:

Very, very awesome. Simple and unobtrusive, yet very fun.

Watch for more Renkoo Adium news soon…

It’s been about six months, and Torrey’s Renkoo Adium extension is about to get its 25,000th download this week. Cowabunga!

More fun facts:

Just to make it clear: Renkoo did not rip off Adium’s look-and-feel… We shared our look and feel with them. 🙂

Renkoo + Adium

October 30, 2005

Our designer, Torrey Rice, has created an Adium extension
that combines the very stylish Renkoo conversation chat bubble style, with the Dojo Toolkit fade-in transition. Feedback has been overwelmingly favorable, with over 1000 downloads in the first week, and comments such as “This is the best message list style ever“.

Adium, the popular instant messaging client available to Mac users, provides a mechanism for third party developers to contribute custom chat interfaces. This is the first time that someone has embedded something like Dojo Toolkit inside one of these extensions. This additional power allowed Torrey to make what we consider to be the best looking IM interface there is. And it of course matches the style used when chatting inside Renkoo.

If you:

  • have a Mac
  • use Adium for instant messaging

then you should try out the Renkoo Adium extension. Did we mention that we think it looks amazing?