Our founder and CTO Joyce Park will speak at the inaugural Web Ascent event in Chicago on June 20 at 7pm.

Joyce says:

Chicago techies, it is YOUR DUTY TO THE COMMUNITY to come out to drink and chat about the business.

Sounds like fun to me.

Our “Year of the Pig” piggy onesie won a “Top Ten Apparel Views” award from Zazzle on April 30. Woo hoo!

Renkoo Piggy Onesie with Red Envelope

Props to Bob

December 4, 2006

We pause a moment from building Renkoo to give props to our investor, Bob Lisbonne, who just joined the Mozilla Foundation Board.

We love Firefox, which keeps the web free from the tyranny of closed browsers.

Renkoo at OSCON 2006

June 29, 2006

Coming July 27 to OSCON in Portland, Oregon: Joyce Park of Renkoo will moderate a BOF titled, Entrepreneurship For Engineers: From Open Source to New Venture.

A good time will be had by all.

Blue arm at Greenhouse

June 11, 2006

Spotted on Saturday: a short Renkoo presentation at Techdirt Greenhouse. Thank you to everyone who gave helpful comments!

JP presents Renkoo at Techdirt Greenhouse

Mr. dojo rising

May 4, 2006

Look for Dylan Schiemann of Renkoo at…

Thank you, Planet Dojo!

Women 2.0

May 1, 2006

Our CTO Joyce Park extolled the virtues of team Renkoo at yesterday’s Women 2.0 summit:

Many male engineers are unleashing their "inner cuteness" in terms of their work on Web 2.0 design.

Thanks, Joyce! Also making an appearance at the conference: the Renkoo Beeta tee… (Thanks, Irina!)