Keeping tabs of all the places you love to visit can be a pretty daunting task. Fortunately, Renkoo provides the ability to Keeper your favorite places and have easy access to them on your profile or when planning an event.

To make your Keeper list even better, we’ve created a separate Keepers page, displaying all of your favorite places on one side and mashed them up with a Google Map on the other. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate on a national scale. We’ve even added a handy RSS feed that allows your friends to keep track of the places you’re adding to your list. After all, your love of a good beer shouldn’t be a secret!

To get to the Keepers page, simply go to the Keepers section of a profile and click the See All Keepers link.

You can zoom in on the map using the traditional map navigation or click the Zoom button and highlight an area you want to zoom in to. To view details about a place, just click the heart icon. Now your Keepers don’t have to be bound by geography. Go on, find some new places and get your Keeper mojo workin’!

Now a person’s Renkoo Keepers are available as anĀ RSS feed. Technically, we implemented them as Atom feeds… but I digress.

You can find the feeds on Renkoo profiles. Look for the orange button…

Renkoo Keeper Feeds

Consume them however you want: in your feed reader… or embed them in your blog like we like to do using the WordPress Sidebar RSS widget

Keeper Feeds on WordPress

Keeping Biscotti

March 29, 2007

La Biscotteria is a Keeper.

Joyce Park says:

Think “Moonstruck” crossed with Giada DeLaurentis, surrounded by the most wonderful biscotti ever. The entertainment value is immense.

The photo of cannoli speaks for itself…