The last thing in the world you need is Yet Another Buddyicon. So we at Renkoo decided to re-use your buddyicons from other services you use — AIM, Flickr, and Yahoo.

When your Renkoo account is first created, we try to automatically get your Flickr buddyicon to represent you.

Want to change your Renkoo buddyicon?

Go to Preferences and click Change buddyicon. This will pop up a buddyicon selector.

You can select your Flickr buddyicon, AIM buddyicon, or Yahoo avatar, as the telestrator so aptly points out…

In Part II of our interview with YDN,

The Renkoo founders share details about their backend tools and share some thoughts on Yahoo!’s role as a startup enabler.

They get us to talk about our technology stack, too:

“The main framework is LAMP. The realtime part is a technology my partner Adam Rifkin and I are working on called mod_pubsub, an open source project. And Comet server. The UI is the Dojo AJAX server. Mod_pubsub is written in Twisted Python.”

Thank you, Matt and Jeremy!

Listen to the interview here.

Yahoo! Renkoo Screencast

January 22, 2007

Yahoo! Developer Network featured us in a screencast:

Joyce gives a demo of the product and shares some interesting insights on the way people are using Renkoo. There are some surprising differences between the way men and women plan meetups.

Listen to the screencast here.

Now with Yahoo! Calendar…

January 16, 2007

Often when you start planning an event with Renkoo, you don’t know when and where. As your group discusses the details, you pick a date and time.

After the inviter picks a date and time, participants can click the “Save to Calendar” button, and then click to save to iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook. With last week’s Renkoo release, participants can save to Yahoo! Calendar, too.

Renkoo with Yahoo! Calendar

This brings Renkoo’s Yahoo! Developer Network integrations to four. Besides Yahoo! Calendar, we also employ Yahoo! Local, Yahoo! Maps, and Flickr buddyicons. (Plus, many people use Renkoo with Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger, too.)