The Facebook Herald, a news site that has always striven to be an “unbiased bastion of integrity,” recently posted a review of Haikoo Zoo. Here are some excerpts:

“Haikoo Zoo gives you plenty of reasons to come back, whether it’s caring for your pet or a friends, browsing the market for new items to give your pet some flare, or trying to decide exactly what background fits the soul of your little virtual friend. The belly bump, though simple in execution and animation is adorable and oddly addicting.”

“The people over at Renkoo know what they are doing and have a clear winner in this app. As long as they stay the course and keep doing what they are doing I don’t see this app getting old anytime soon.”

“10/10 For perfectly implemented cuteness overdose.”

‘Nuff said. 🙂

We Resolve in 2008…

January 5, 2008

To send more Booze Mail, and to play more in Haikoo Zoo.

Haikoo Zoo was chosen as a “cool app” by Clever Hippo last week! Clever Hippo is a search engine that helps Facebook users find the best apps. One way they do this is by featuring three of them each week on users’ mini-feeds. With screenshots of the apps and more search options (OR, NOT, wild cards, etc.), it also provides a better way to find apps than the Application Search feature that comes with Facebook. The hippo rules!

Renkoo launched Haikoo Zoo last month, a Facebook app for those into furry friends and maybe not so much into booze. Haikoo Zoo lets Facebook users adopt one of six (so far) cute virtual pets and pet, cuddle, feed, or play with them. Petting or playing with other users’ pets earns you virtual cash with which to buy many kinds of delicious-looking food (including blintzes, pho, and fluffer nutters) or items to spruce up your pet’s habitat (such as fireworks, barbecue grills, and baobab trees). Haikoo Zoo also makes it easy for your pet to make friends with other people’s pets. So far, over 100,000 users have installed Haikoo Zoo, of which 25,000 are daily active users.