Finding a volunteer job can be challenging if you don’t do your homework.  The more research you do in trying to understand the volunteer industry, the more likely you are to find an opportunity you are looking for.  Alina Tugend from the New York Times reports:

Problems may arise for a number of reasons. Nonprofit groups, already stretched thin, may not have the staff to adequately train and manage volunteers, or even to respond to volunteer requests.  And sometimes, the organization or the position just doesn’t turn out to be what you expected.

Here are some resources that provide information that can help you along your volunteer path:

  • Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics:  Here you can find quick answers about the nonprofit sector, information about how many organizations there are in the U.S., statistics and profiles.
  • Foundation Center:  This site provides knowledge on philanthropy, training courses, information about funding, events and more.
  • GuideStar:  They consolidate data from nonprofits and additional sources to inform you about the legitimacy and financial health of the organization.
  • Look for a local city program or organization where you can find opportunities where you can impact the pressing needs of your community

Volunteer for Earth Day

March 10, 2009

Earth Day

Earth Day is a world wide celebration where volunteers gather together to promote a healthy, sustainable environment. This year we have added excitement as President Obama’s call to service encourages additional volunteers.

Earth Day organizers are hoping an army of volunteers will heed President Barack Obama’s call to service and turn out for the annual celebration next month to make lasting improvements to the nation’s parks, schools and beaches.

Earth Day was first founded in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson and continues to be celebrated worldwide on April 22.

Volunteers are needed and there are many ways in which you can do your part and get involved.  We found lots of helpful information at earthdaynetwork:

  • Join the Earth Day Network
  • Donate by making a financial contribution
  • Register events, find events or participate in the forum
  • Shop at the EDN e-Store
  • Volunteer your time

JobAngels Raise a WingMinds are racing each day as we hear statistics about continuous layoffs as unemployment rates increase.  There is a lot of worry circling in our homes or on the internet but there are people who are looking to build a brighter side by helping others who are in need of a job.  We found an article from the Los Angeles Times by David Sarno regarding human resource consultant Mark Steizner and his associate who had an idea to create JobAngels on Twitter.  JobAngels is a Twitter account where users can follow and help others find jobs or volunteer their resume proofing skills.

….the nascent enterprise has attracted more than 2,000 followers. Stelzner has shot out hundreds of tweets from people volunteering their résumé-proofing skills, passing along job notices or looking to become full-blown job angels — raising a wing for gig-seekers in need..

Flush with the glow of very early success, Stelzner…

…and a few volunteer developers are building a networking site that takes the concept a step further, aiming to help seekers find the perfect angel. “If Match.com and LinkedIn had a child, this is what it would look like,” he said, referring to the popular dating and professional networking sites. The site hasn’t launched, and Stelzner is deciding if it’ll be a money-making venture or just a labor of love

As Stelzner and his followers help connect people in finding jobs, we look forward to seeing the new networking site that matches seekers to job angels.  Until then, JobAngels on Twitter is another tool that can be used in finding a job or helping others find jobs.