Think pink

July 5, 2006

Q: What’s better than lunch with a friend in a Renkoo tee?

A: Hello? Lunch with a friend in a Renkoo tee and pink drinks!!


Beeta Breakers II

June 25, 2006

People were sad to see the Beeta Breakers team leave the homepage of this blog, so back by popular demand, here’s another picture of our friends sporting Renkoo tees. We’re so proud of them. Thanks, Jamie, Macarena, and Wen!

Renkoo Honey Bees

He looks so stylin’. We’re just sayin’.

Kevin Burton in Renkoo style

Beeta Breakers

May 22, 2006

Overheard many times at Bay to Breakers yesterday:

“What is Renkoo?”

Many thanks to the team who sported wings and Renkoo Beeta tee shirts…

Bay to Breakers!

Renkoo + Flickr + Zazzle = FUN! 🙂

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