November Rain

November 30, 2006

It’s a beautiful day in Redwood City, and to celebrate the end of November we are taking a brief outage.  Thank you!

Update, 4pm. And, we’re back after a nice facial. Mmmmm, it tingles!


August 8, 2006

There will be a brief outage this morning between 8:30 and 9:30 while we move our equipment to a new power circuit.

Update, 9:30am. We have power. We promise to use it wisely.

Merging outage

July 20, 2006

We’ll be taking a two-hour outage immediately… but at the end, you’ll be able to merge multiple email addresses into a single account!

Renkoo Wired

June 23, 2006

Summer in Redwood City. Time for Renkoo to sip Cukes and wire up.

We (heart) cat-5

Once again, there was no outage associated with this wiring. Hoo ray.

Move complete

June 16, 2006

The last piece of Renkoo has moved out of LinkedIn to join us in Redwood City.

Once upon a time this refurbed eMachine hosted all of, but these days it serves Renkoo.

We moved the box. W00t.

There was no outage associated with this move; we just wanted to capture the moment. 🙂

We’re going to take a brief outage at 5pm today in order to deploy some server changes that should improve load times for Renkoo users with large, chatty events.

Update, 6pm. And… we’re back.

Sooooo… I was trying to get rid of some pesky old events in the server, and ended up accidentally deleting a whole bunch of events. Well, really all the events. I am so very very very sorry.  😦

Basically the biggest loss will be to anyone who sent out an event in the last day and a half. Please consider sending out a replacement event — which we promise not to "clean up" out of existence this time. If you want to send me email telling me what an utter doofus I am, feel free to use the feedback link. Once again, very very sorry.