Volunteer While Receiving Unemployment Benefits

February 13, 2009

Dan Shapley the news editor from the The Daily Green.com, brings up a very interesting idea of making volunteerism synonymous with unemployment.

A volunteer-for-benefits program for unemployed workers would:
1. inject money into the economy;
2. invest directly in local communities;
3. support nonprofit organizations;
4. increase community service; and,
5. cost taxpayers little beyond what Congress has already committed to spend.

I think there is a sixth point that should be added.  Volunteering opens up a potential vast network of leads.  Volunteering is a great way to meet people and make connections in an industry or company where you want to work.  You can also get an idea if that industry is right for you.  In addition, there are skills you can learn that can help make you more valuable for that job opportunity that becomes available.  Don’t underestimate the power of networking through volunteerism.

See also: Volunteer, and help your career.

2 Responses to “Volunteer While Receiving Unemployment Benefits”

  1. […] New York Times piece on volunteers and professionals points out that Volunteer work can help unemployed professionals keep their spirits up, make new contacts or even to try a new […]

  2. Daniel Says:

    This is very true when you volunteer you meet new people, grow your network and help others. When laid off the best thing to do is stay engaged in life, Volunteering helps. the job trekker

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