In Threes: Little Black Dress, Eat Sleep Publish, Graphic Tee-Shirts, Dam Release Rafting and Wild Georgia Shrimp

September 17, 2008

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…

Renkoo Tip of the Week

Quiz: Name a proverb about something, preferably good, not lasting forever. Guess correctly and you’ll win three more installments of Wednesday is the New Thursday. Guess incorrectly and you still receive three more installments of Wednesday is the New Thursday. The answer will appear in your in-box on Wednesday, September 24th.


Founded in 2002, little black dress (no uppercase letters are invited) is a L.A. shopping extravaganza with heart. This year it grows up from a one-night event into a four-week “boutique” in three cities (Chicago and New York after L.A.). The boutique has luxury clothing, accessories and home decor from fashion icons and new designers. Versions of the designer’s LBD, a universal wardrobe essential, are a highlight and proceeds benefit selected charities.


Are you interested in the future of publishing? Do you like hosted bar tabs? Are you near Seattle? Then get thee to The Pitch tonight at the McLeod Residence. The actual pitch up for discussion is “There is no business model that will support a print daily product.” So go thirsty and don’t leave your opinion at home. The Pitch is hosted by Eat Sleep Publish, a blog dedicated to the topic of “the challenges (and no doubt opportunities) facing newspapers, books, and magazines as they…strive to find ways to support themselves in the digital age.”


After a postponement, the Graphic Content Tee-Shirt Show is going on today in San Francisco’s Space Gallery. Local artists get a chance to expose their work on a different medium and last year they drew a large crowd and featured around 1,000 shirts. Prices average around $20, you support an artist and get a superfly shirt in return. The gallery features a wine bar too. Could there be more of a win-win-win between art, fashion & shopping?


If you have a faint heart, please proceed to Sunday’s event. Today is all about daring adventures on the high seas; okay it’s more like a crazy white water rafting trip on the Savage River in western Maryland. This is a continuous class III-IV seven-mile run and the dam is being released for the last time this year. If you have to read the FAQ that asks if you’re going to get wet, it’s probably not how you want to spend your Saturday.


This weekend it’s all about two southern favorites: shrimp and grits. The Wild Georgia Shrimp Festival is happening in the historic district of Jekyll Island. All shrimp is fresh and wild from Georgia. There are cook-offs, shrimp excursions and the required shrimp eating contest. Did you notice how we refrained from making any Forrest Gump comments?

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