Roar by the Shore, Flock to a Film, Laugh, Scream and Then Get Your Hemp On

August 13, 2008

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…


The Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut invites you to Roar by the Shore today. The competition is on to see who is the loudest: you or their 1,900 pound Steller sea lion Kodiak? Winners get to meet Kodiak up close. Warm up your lungs and get roaring!


There is a reason film festivals and summer hold hands all season long. It’s hot outside, you and your friends are bored so why not see a few movies? Do it right and go to the breeding ground itself, L.A. Its Downtown Film Festival kicks off today for its inaugural festival to celebrate the resurgence of, well, downtown L.A. We’re confident you can find a film or event that suits your fancy at Barker Block.


Hideout Theatre invites you to Double Barrel where you’ll find “two troupes, no rules, a total blast.” Austin comedians will compete for your laughs with extended sets of their doggone best stuff. This week’s duel is between $10 Bourbon and The Frank Mills. Bang Bang! You’re laughing.


Now that you’ve gotten your laughs, it’s time to scream as you head to Ridgely Airpark in Maryland for Skydiving 101. Start your visit with ground school, then suit up for your flight. You’ll cruise to about 11,000 feet and enjoy the view of Chesapeake Bay from the safety of the plane. Before you know it, the door will open and you’ll be screaming during your one-minute, 120 mph freefall. When you think you can’t scream anymore, your parachute bursts open and saves you from going splat! Instead you’ll float in a supposedly peaceful manner for 8-15 minutes until you land softly and smoothly. The anti-splat! Did we mention you’ll be going tandem with an instructor? Phew!


Hemp is what’s happening today and it’s happening in Seattle at the 17th Hempfest. Hempfest is focusing this year’s event on industrial hemp and its many uses; however let’s be clear, this is a festival by the people for the people if you know what we mean. The Hempfest FAQ says that while it can be seen as a concert or arts and crafts fair, it is a “protestival” at heart looking to change the pot laws in our fine land. Judging by the amount of hemp listings on Etsy, we’ll say it again — hemp is really happening.

Renkoo helps you make plans with your friends.

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