Arrgh! We’re excited about Real Pirates, Afrofunk, Ingenuity, Beer and Kites!

July 23, 2008

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…


Real Pirates is a new National Geographic Exhibition that tells the tale of Whydah, a pirate ship that sank over 250 years ago on the east coast. There is a full-size replica of the ship as well as the pirate treasure you always imagined there was — jewelry, coins and gold, cannons and knives. Arrgh! Get yer hardy self to The Franklin in Philly or we’ll make you walk the plank matey!


The Afrofunk Festival wraps up its West Coast tour at San Francisco’s The Independent this weekend, after three consecutive years of sold-out shows. Celebrating Afrobeat music (described as dense, funky and groove-heavy) and raising money for a cause (House of Hope, an orphanage in Africa that houses children ravaged by famine and disease), this is one dance party you don’t want to miss.


Ingenuity can mean cleverness or skillfulness of conception or design and we think the folks in Cleveland who designed the Ingenuity Festival are up to something ingenious with an event mixing art and technology for people of any age or experience level. Want a high-tech demo, the latest in robotics or are you more interested in music? Even the musical lineup is diverse with offerings including jazz, hip hop, rock and electronica to name a few. And no, they didn’t forget to give you brain food. You can find it all at Playhouse Square downtown.


We met a guy on the Portland Streetcar the other day who said Portland is getting too full of itself. We’d like to politely disagree. Some of the coolest things about Portland have been around for 20 years like the Oregon Brewers Festival in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. $5 gets you a souvenir mug and it takes four one-dollar tokens to fill it up. Hello good beer and hello good public transportation! Portland we love you.


Go fly a kite. Seriously, we’re not telling you off; we’re telling you to go to the Berkeley Kite Festival at the Marina. Unlike Trix, kites are not just for kids. There will be some kids making some kites, sure, but there will also be kite competitions featuring the Bay Area Sport Kite League. There will even be a delegation from Japan’s Sode-cho Kite-Flying Society, whose Machijirushi kites are made from fine paper and bamboo.

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