Weird Science, Red Rum and Tall Tales, Build-Craft-Make, Pre-Party on Cuatro de Mayo

April 30, 2008

Renkoo Tip of the Week

Haikoo Zoo is bursting with newness from foods and drinks to habitat items and accessories. If you do nothing else after reading this, go check out the Food Market! On our left in aisle 3, we have a fine selection of Japanese foods like udon, miso soup and green tea. On our right in aisle 8, we offer you classic Americana with a short stack, cupcakes or a cheeseburger. Is that your newly adopted Husky-wolf growling or is that your tummy?

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…


These are the final few days of the Cambridge Science Festival, presented by the MIT Museum. There are 200 events to help you “take your curiosity to the next level.” They are even challenging you to Salsa Your Science wherein you perform your science project rather than lecture from the comfort of a traditional white lab coat. Enjoy a Solar Lunch or Lunch with a Laureate, just two of many, many choices you face in Massachusetts this week.


Tequila happens in a few days, tonight it’s all about the rum. Things To Do DC invites you to the Barbados Embassy for a Rum Tasting. This is not going to be Captain Morgan either — this is about premium Cockspur rum. Don’t worry if you’re a teetotaler, go for the menu which includes Caribbean fare such as jerk chicken satay, coconut shrimp, phulorie with tamarind sauce and surprise! Rum cakes.


Unlike tired parents everywhere, the tellers at the Village of Tales in Ojai respond with an enthusiastic “YES!” when they hear the question, “Can you please tell me a story?” This four-day storytelling festival takes place at Libbey Bowl, an outdoor theatre where oaks and sycamores provide the backdrop for all kinds of tales. You might be so inspired that you find yourself at Story Swap with five minutes and a captive audience.


This event is so all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips that we’re featuring it two years running. In fact, just go ahead and put it on your 2009 calendar right now too. Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds is all about “Build, CRAFT, hack, play, MAKE.” It’s for kids, it’s for adults, it’s for every tinker toy you know. The Swap-O-Rama-Rama will be doing the reuse thing again with clothing, so bring a few items and get in on the swapping. Then you can check out the Bazaar Bizarre, which is like an offline Etsy. Now go Make!


We think there is no reason to wait until the fifth day of May to start your partying. Head south to San Diego for the Fiesta Old Town, a free two-day event celebrating the history and culture of the neighbor across the fence. You can start off with a reenactment of the 1862 Battle of Puebla. In between tequila shots, you can listen to the mariachis, walk through a busy Mercado and for goodness sake, don’t forget to partake of the glorious food.

Renkoo helps you make plans with your friends.

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