From Sundance to the Fur East, Hephaestus to Edwardian Times and Haywire

January 23, 2008

Renkoo Tip of the Week

This week we’d like to introduce you to Haikoo Zoo, our latest Facebook application. With Haikoo Zoo, you can adopt an adorable virtual pet and interact with it as much as you want. You can pet it, feed it, poke it and even scold it. You can do all of these things with your friends’ pets as well and earn coins to spend in the marketplace to feed all of these pets, decorate their habitats and keep them happy.

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…


With little going on in Hollywood these days, celebrities are flocking to the Sundance Film Festival in droves. Robert Redford, the festival’s founder, said, “Paris Hilton and so forth doesn’t have anything to do with anything,” reminding everyone that the intent of the festival is to gather a community of artists. No limos are allowed! However, creative, independent film endeavors and music are more than welcome. You can keep up with the festival at the Sundance Resort, in Park City, Salt Lake City and Ogden, UT or online where you can even grab a Facebook widget.


The San Jose Doubletree Hotel is hosting the 10th year of Further Confusion, the largest international convention to celebrate anthropomorphism. To further confuse you, there are panels following nine tracks from art and fursuiting to puppetry and science. Did we mention the 24-hour television station that will run during the entire conference? This year’s theme is “Fur East” and when you get home, you’ll be tossing the term “furry” around like nobody’s business. How furry are you?


Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre group is bringing back its production of Hephaestus, due to popular demand. Their blend of Greek mythology and the circus is a visual reward for your time. The show features performers from Ringling Bros., Cirque du Soleil and the legendary Wallenda Family. Now you can say you’ve been to the Water Tower Water Works building too.


There is a stylish, turn-of-the-century vibe descending upon San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall. The time has come for the Edwardian Ball Weekend. Tonight is the actual ball where there will be waltzing and there will be costumes. If you’ll be there as well, we’d enjoy seeing your antique portrait after we return to modern times next week.


Do you have zero or little electronics experience? Are you broke? Then you meet the low entrance requirements for circuit bending, an art form which delves into making new sounds out of old things. Grab your kid’s annoying battery-operated toy and give it new life with a fresh output for your ears. Go ahead and go Haywire with the Portland folks who like to do strange things with electricity at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

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