Dance Dance, BikeCraft, Choppers and Latin American Culture Week

November 14, 2007

Renkoo Tip of the Week

Featured Drinks of the Week: Autumn Drinky Poos. For those of you in the northern hemisphere, you know it’s time to dive head first into Fall. Feeling the cooler air and watching the leaves change color sure builds up a mighty thirst. Allow us to help get your Autumn on with the following seasonal bebidas: Autumn Wood, Blueberry Tea, Crantini, and for all you Neal Young fans out there, we offer a lovely Harvest Moon.

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…


Park West Theater in Chicago is the place to shake it tonight, and we’re talking about your belly (not your booty). Belly Dance Superstars, the world’s only full-time professional bellydance troupe, presents Babelesque. These dancers do not stick to any rigid ideas of bellydance and even have a Poylnesian-influenced dance they call “bellynesian.” Jillian, the group’s main choreographer, leads the troupe and they are accompanied by percussionist Issam Houshan.


Local and handmade bike-themed arts, crafts, films and music = Bike Portland’s BikeCraft today. Lovers of all things bike can head over to the Lucky Lab Beer Hall in northwest PDX at 6 p.m. and go wheely. OR the significant others of said bike freaks can be sneaky and go hunting for holiday gifts (since we all know they buy whatever they need without any regard for upcoming gifting possibilities.) Not coincidentally, this event takes place the same night as the Portland Department of Transportation’s See & Be Seen bike light parade. Head downtown, have a beer and pick up some Magnet Spotz for someone you love.


San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts is a fine place to host the 9th annual Hiphop Dancefest this weekend. Hip hop dance companies from all over the world come to SF for this event to showcase their best moves. If you want to bust a move yourself, consider signing up for a Master class on Saturday, there will be one devoted to wacking and one hip hop fusion class.


Things To Do DC will have you flying high today, quite literally. You can sign up for their helicopter lesson today (if they’re already sold out, be sure to sign up for the next class on December 1) and they give you an opportunity to actually control the helicopter in the actual air. Just be sure you’re 6’3″ or under and less than 235 lbs. Now go earn your wings today at the Manassas Regional Airport and have something to really brag about at the water cooler on Monday. Okay, we admit you might need a few more classes first, but go ahead and brag.


The Pan American Musical Art Research group presents their second annual Latin American Cultural Week in New York City. There is no shortage of things to grab your attention from a Sotheby’s auction of colonial to contemporary paintings, drawings and sculptures to art lectures such as Destruction in Argentine Art to film, The Sky Turns and dance (tango and contemporary ballet). This is just the briefest of summaries of this truly comprehensive look at Latin American culture. If you can’t get to NY this week, you can certainly have your own LACW at home by hosting an evening featuring Latin American foods and music.

Renkoo helps you make plans with your friends.

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