Are You There? I’m Not, Invisible Computers, First Person and Tamale Fests, Tour of the Isles

November 7, 2007

Renkoo Tip of the Week

Featured Drinks of the Week: Lions and Cows and Bears. Oh My! To help celebrate the launch of our latest app, Haikoo Zoo, we felt it appropriate to feature our favorite animal drinks. Adopt a pet then sit back and sip a: Caribou Lou, Polar Bear, Fish Bowl, Brown Cow, and for your peeps in Turkey, represent with a Lion’s Milk.

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…


In anticipation of this month’s U.S. opening of “I’m Not There,” the Todd Haynes film tribute to Bob Dylan, there is a concert celebration tonight in NYC. The film echoes Dylan’s poetic style by using six different actors to portray different stages of his life. The soundtrack to the film features the only official release of “I’m Not There,” which was an outtake from “The Basement Tapes” and previously only found via bootleg tapes. The Beacon Theater is hosting this event and all proceeds benefit 826 National, an organization dedicated to helping kids 6-18 foster their writing skills.


Kathy Kleiman has hooked up with Google’s Diversity Program to showcase the phenomenal story of six female computer programmers from the 1940s who programmed ENIAC, the first all-electronic programmable computer, and promptly got zero public accolades, attention or even a byline in the history books. The film Invisible Computers: the Untold Story of the ENIAC Programmers and Q&A take place tonight at Google with the filmmaker and one of the original six ENIAC programmers, Jean Bartik.


The sixth annual First Person Festival in Philadelphia is all about memoir and documentary art. There are documentaries (shocker) and workshops to inspire people’s inner artist and culminates with a Grand Slam storytelling competition. Do you want to try documentary filmmaking but have the proverbial filmer’s block? First Person Arts will give you a subject and their object and five days to make a five-minute documentary about it. Grab your digicam.


We hope you’re hungry because we are smack in the middle of the three-day Tamale Festival in Los Angeles. Some 60,000 people are expected to make their way to Mama’s Hot Tamale Cafe at the border of MacArthur Park. Get ready for all things tamale: best tamale contest, tamale eating contest, tamale making demonstrations and it practically goes without saying, the biggest tamale contest. Andale, andale!


Jekyll Island, GA is home to the Tour of the Isles today, offering bicyclists three routes to choose from: 25 miles, a metric century and a traditional century. Proceeds from this charity ride go to the Wounded Warrior Project which is aptly named for the work they do for those severely injured in service to our country. A wonderful tribute to Veterans Day, think of this as your personal Tour of Georgia.

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