Giant Puppets and Goosebumps, ICER AIR, Vintage Computers and Lots of Chocolate

October 31, 2007

Renkoo Tip of the Week

Featured Drinks of the Week: Halloween Brew. Ahhh, Halloween. It’s time to get those costumes out and fill your belly with our fancy new concoctions: Blue Lime Ghost, Brain Hemorrhage, Buffy’s Revenge, Pint of Blood, El Chupacabra, and for those who love to test your threshold of pain, toss back a Hellraiser. Other new drinks include: Broken Down Golf Cart, Fish Bowl, Mead – yes, it’s in a horn.

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…


New York’s Village Halloween Parade
is among the country’s oldest and most famous.
Check it out if you missed Burning man, or if huge puppets are your thing. It starts at Spring Street and Sixth Avenue at 7pm, but get there early to compete for your place with the other two million spectators!


Keep the spook alive the day after Halloween and head over to the California Science Center in LA to learn about fear and goosebumps in a safe and enjoyable environment. Yes they said it would be enjoyable. You can explore the fear challenge course and face your fear of falling, go to the fear lab to learn the physiological aspects of fear and emotions and then play the “Freeze Game” where you’ll learn how animals survive in the wild.


Big air is coming to SF this weekend at the ICER AIR event at AT&T Park. Go on Saturday and your ticket will get you a free lift ticket for your own ski & snow pleasure this winter in Tahoe. There’s gonna be a vert ramp, street skating, bmx and wakeboarding plus a beer garden. How can you possibly stay home from all this fun? Up, up and away you go.


Have you missed the first nine Vintage Computer Festivals? Put an end to the vicious cycle and head to Mountain View this weekend for the 10.0 edition at the Computer History Museum. What finer place for all things microchip than good old Silicon Valley? Finally you have a perfect audience for that old Sun workstation; sell it at the VCF 10.0 Marketplace. Aha, you can make room in the garage and finally get rid of those Fortran and COBOL books because nothing younger than 10 years is allowed!


The New York Chocolate Show is no longer enough; now we have Chocolate Week. Hopefully you timed everything just right and you are having mad cravings right about now. Print out the guide from their site or pick up a copy of Time Out NY on October 31st, laminate it to prevent damage and then memorize it. You’ll never be far from chocolate — delirious, delicious chocolate. Napkins and milk, anyone?

Renkoo helps you make plans with your friends.

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