Periodic Table of Booze

September 28, 2007

A Periodic Table of Booze? Yes.

With 140 drinks (and counting) on Booze-Mail, sometimes choosing the right drink can be a daunting task. We’ve decided to help you learn the drinks by plotting them on a colorful chart grouped by, well, we’ll let you figure that out. Learning your boozes has never been easier or more fun. Don’t worry, we won’t quiz you.

Periodic Table of Booze

Check it and other exciting booze goodies on our Booze-Mail Zazzle store now!

4 Responses to “Periodic Table of Booze”

  1. vanessa Says:

    I love Booze mail and im glad that i added it in my facebook profile. I also just wanted to say that whoever is the graphic designer(s) for the drinks are incredibly talented.. i love the drawings.. But you guys are missing my fave shot :LIquid cocaine 🙂

  2. very funny!!!!!!!!!

  3. very funny!!!! but you have drink with moderation

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