Designs for a Consumer Culture, Joy of Sake, Austin City

September 12, 2007

Renkoo Tip of the Week

Bring a smile to your friend’s tummy by passing along one of our delicious shots. Fun really does come in small glasses: B-52, Electric Lemonade, Peach Schnapps, Prairie Fire, Purple Haze, and for your homies in Veganland Wheatgrass. Other new drinks include: Cherry Cider, Hot Chocolate, Renkool-Aid. Ohhhh yeah!

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…

Are you holding a Coke right now? Well you can thank Raymond Loewy for adding that striking white lettering back in 1955. Loewy is the French immigrant known in the U.S. as the Father of Industrial Design. Are you a car fan? He redesigned Studebaker’s logo in the 1930s and that is a mere mention of his 20+ year relationship with the company. You can learn all this and more today before “Designs for a Consumer Culture” exhibit leaves the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington.

The Hilton in San Francisco is hosting the Joy of Sake tonight, bringing sake enthusiasts and brewers together to check out fall’s new releases. This world sake celebration started in Honolulu, and stops in SF on its way to New York and the entry fee increases as it heads east. $70 gets you samples of more than 300 varieties of sake and wait, that’s not all; you’ll also get Bay Area sake appetizers. See, there’s a whole world out there that you didn’t know about until you read about the Joy of Sake.

The Austin City Limits hits Zilker Park this weekend and big crowds and big music are the expected norm. This festival is based on the long-running PBS series and those hot Texas temps don’t shy people away. Kids under 10 are free and there’s lots to keep them occupied including School of Rock workshops, dancing and drum circle workshops and don’t miss The Sippy Cups. ACL has something for everyone including Bob Dylan, Pete Yorn, Amos Lee, Common and Arctic Monkeys. Not to mention, you can help keep Austin weird.

Renkoo’s own Troutgirl lived two blocks from the location for the Chicago edition of the Renegade Craft Fair (on Division Street in conjunction with the Do-Division Street Fest). This is a haven for indie crafters who were shunned from local fairs before the renegades took over in 2003 and made their own darn fair. Now folks come from all over our fine land to buy and sell their crafty artifacts ranging from knitting, jewelry, sewn items, paper goods, silkscreening and more. If you’re not reconstructing your clothing or you don’t know what DIY stands for, you are not their target demographic.

We know you’re tired of vacuuming up LEGOs, but stop cursing your kids and unleash their bulding and design skills instead. LEGO wants kids ages 6-13 who call themselves “curious, imaginative and creative” to apply for a Creativity Award, within their Creation Nation program. You must submit your entry by tomorrow if you want a chance to grab one of ten $5000 prizes. See, that will pay for a Dyson and then some. Oh wait, you’re supposed to use the money for your kids creative development. That’s pretty cool too though. Right?

Renkoo helps you make plans with friends.

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