The Lovely Stevie, Wondrous Birds and Glass Flowers, Sheepies

September 5, 2007

Renkoo Tip of the Week

Beeeeeeeeer! Octoberfest is just a few weeks away. It’s time to dust off your collection of antique steins and start passing around your favorite brewskies: Amber Beer, Hefeweizen, Light Beer, Pale Ale, and a Keg. O’zapft is! Other new drinks include: Chocolate Martini, Martini with Twist, and (of course) Monkey’s Lunch.

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week…

Forget the Idol renditions last spring, see the real deal tonight. Stevie Wonder is on a short tour through the end of this month after more than a decade off the road. The Greek Theater in Los Angeles has him tonight and then he heads east. Check out Rolling Stone’s vote for the 20 best Stevie songs and then make up your own list. Isn’t he lovely?

The Harvard
Museum of Natural History
features The Glass Flowers in their botanical galleries. They were made between 1887 through 1936 by German artisans Leopold Blaschka and his son, Rudolph. It represents more than 830 species and there are more than 3,000 pieces. Sometimes they used colored glass and sometimes they “painted” with colored ground glass heated until it fused a layer of color on to the model. In any case, each one is 100 percent glass with an occasional piece of wire internally to lend support. See it to believe it!

We haven’t figured out exactly how many sheep and wool festivals there are in Wisconsin, but this weekend is the largest of them all. The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is entering its sixth year (or 30th depending who you ask) so head over to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Whether you go to Sheep 101 or the Wonders of Wool classes, remember that the “Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is about sheep and fiber, that’s true, but first and foremost it’s about people.”

The New York Bird Club will be leading a stroll around the West Pond of Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge today. This was timed carefully as it is the height of the fall migration season so all you bird lovers out there will be in rapture. They warn that it might be buggy, muddy and mucky so stay home if you love your personal comfort more than shorebirds, warblers, passerines, raptors, terns, waders and waterfowl. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Treetown is hosting their 5th annual book festival at the farmer’s market in Kerrytown, the historic district in Ann Arbor, MI. Talk about books and paper galore! There will be book appraisals, eastern and western bookbinding, papermaking for adults and paper marbling for kids, wood engraving, storytelling and exhibitions from libraries, booksellers, authors, publishers and book artists. Don’t miss the Making of the Kerrytown Poster where you’ll get to use an historic press to make a festival bookmark or bookplate to take home. Don’t need a bookmark? Make your own comic book instead and then head over to “The Agony and Ecstasy of Writing.”

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