Smashing Pumpkins and Scavenger Hunts, Pretty Portland Porters and Blogaholics

July 25, 2007

Renkoo Tip of the Week

In celebration of the new Simpsons movie, Booze Mail has released a series of Simpsons-related drinks. Send your friends a Duff Beer, Buzz Cola, Fudd Beer, or Squishee to commemorate the first ever Simpsons movie.


The Smashing Pumpkins are back at The Fillmore for the first time since 1994 when they helped it re-open. While some critics are dissing the three-hour sets, it’s still a night out and you can say you participated in the second-longest run at the legendary SF venue. Bonus points if you know who played a longer run than this.


We can’t think of a better place to hang out at the end of July than Portland because you can hit the Oregon Brewfest and OSCON simultaneously. Or maybe you can take turns and go to the conference and *then* put your beer goggles on. Either way, you can stumble along the Willamatte, taking in the views and the grub. This year you can bring the kids, but don’t let them drive you home, use MAX instead. All hail PDX.


BlogHer’s World of Difference Conference starts today in Chicago. Read all about it here, but basically bring the kids (or not), be a girl (or not), be a pro (or not). This event is everything blog but you don’t even have to have a blog to get in. Come prepared to have fun and meet and greet and twitter and drink and learn a lot. There are two tracks and two cocktail parties at the Navy Pier which is 5/8 of a mile long and has everything else you might want to do when you’re not blogging about blogging.


Are you a sinner, saint or both? Head to Honolulu to partake in the Saints and Sinners Chinatown race and find out if you have a devil or an angel on your shoulder as you follow a hand-made treasure map, solve the clues and ultimately, figure out how many shots you’ve had. The top three teams to arrive at the secret end location win a prize: tylenol and gallons of water. Just kidding. We don’t know what the prize is or where you get it. Just get on an Aloha flight already and make us a place page when you wake up tomorrow.


Ah, so scavenging on alcohol in Oahu wasn’t challenging enough for you? Head back to the east coast then to solve another hunt, this time on water. Things To Do DC will take you on two rivers through three states as you race to solve clues on the rapids and on the trail. Don’t gripe if you get wet and cold, at least we’re not recommending this activity in November. And good luck with that jet lag.

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