Roll on Water or Wheels, Burlington and Beer, Potter Across the Pond and Hemingway Days

July 20, 2007

Renkoo Tip of the Week
Have you tried Booze Mail yet? If not, now’s the perfect time to send your friends a Firewhisky, Butter Beer, or Pumpkin Juice to commemorate the Harry Potter movie currently in theaters and the upcoming release of the final book!


Women’s outdoor wear shop Outdoor DIVAS is hosting a Rolling DIVAS workshop today in Boulder to introduce all you divas out there to the sport of whitewater kayaking in a supportive, non-competitive environment. You’ll go, you’ll roll and you’ll be a pro. Bring $59 and no skills and no gear (they’ll provide it all) — you totally cannot use work as an excuse either, the bell rings at 5:30 p.m.


Booze Mail by day, bike booze by night. The first Baring to Bikes is a bicycle bar crawl that starts tonight at Butter in San Francisco. Bring your liver (as they say) and your bike lock and don’t forget, all traffic laws apply to cars AND bikes so maybe bring a tandem and a designated captain.


Forget coats and factories and go to Burlington for beer. The Vermont Brewer’s Festival is going on at Waterfront Park today and tomorrow. This is an invitation-only event for the breweries so expect high quality and a wide range of brew including lagers, ales, fruit beers and Belgian-style white beers. There is gourmet food and views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. Gather the gang and celebrate American
Beer Month.


Wednesday is the New Thursday is pond-hopping today for the Harry Potter Conference in London. There is no better place to celebrate the release of the final book than with Sectus, an unofficial conference for Harry Potter fans and do-gooders because all proceeds go to Book Aid International which puts books and journals into the hands of people living in 18 developing countries. The highlight of Sectus is Not the Yule Ball where you can really have Christmas in July. Wear your fancypants or a costume and enjoy Potter-themed drinks.


Today is the last day of the Hemingway Days Festival in Key West, FL, his home during the 1930s. There are activities galore over four days including a writers’ workshop and conference, a 5-kilometer sunset run, a sailing regatta and a concert at his Key West home. Highlights of the festival include the Short Story Competition, hosted by Hemingway’s granddaughter Lorian which has become internationally renowned for its support of quality writing; and a look-a-like competition hosted by Sloppy Joe’s (his favorite watering hole) where people vie for the title of Papa. If you’re going to hang around there, keep his advice on sobriety in mind: “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

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