Firewhisky for Harry, A Midsummer Lantern Festival, Mast Movies and Sports Mixes

July 11, 2007

Fun things to make plans to do this week… besides visiting Ace Wasabi’s Rock-n-Roll Sushi and Swan’s Oyster Depot, of course…

Renkoo Tip of the Week
Renkoo is all about friends, planning events, and managing your offline lives. Sometimes though, it’s worth the time to make something just for fun that you and your friends can use. That’s what Booze Mail is! Check it out…


drinkssm.pngSend our special Harry Potter Booze Mail drinks today to get everyone in the mood for witchcraft and wizardry later. A little pumpkin juice, firewhisky or butterbeer will make standing in line with the masses a lot easier to swallow. As Severus Snape said, potions can bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses, so drink up.


othersm.pngHopefully no one you know is dearly departed, but whether you have experienced a loss or not, you can get your Zen on at this lantern festival and Buddhist-inspired memorial ceremony. For a $10 fee you will set a lantern afloat on Forest Hill Cemetery’s Lake Hibiscus at sunset. There will be taiko drummers, Boston gospel singers and traditional folk dances. Don’t forget your picnic basket and your flashlight (which you’ll need because there is no lighting in the cemetery and we want you to make it out safely so you can go mix it up this weekend).


moviesm.pngSan Diego, screenplays and the Star of India join forces again this summer for the Movies Before the Mast Film Festival. On weekend nights in July and August, the Maritime Museum of San Diego hoists a special sail to the ship’s main mast and hosts nautically-themed flicks for audiences. Friday nights are date nights with a full bar available and Saturday nights are for the fam and there’s hot cocoa to drink instead.


sportssm.pngYou can spend today recognizing the storming of the Bastille and how, for the citizens of France, it symbolizes “liberty, democracy and the struggle against all forms of oppression” OR you can go watch tennis at the Top Notch Resort and Spa in Vermont. The self-proclaimed “tennis crazy” folks of Stowe (um, with one court for every 11 residents, yep we’d agree with that) are hosting Team U.S.A. and the FedCup this weekend. The spa has a new patio restaurant, new swimming pools and organic food. Serve it up!


knitting1.pngNow you and your significant other can spend the day together in peace, courtesy of Stitch N’ Pitch. He can watch pitches instead of watching you count stitches and you can count rows instead of outs. Baseball and the NeedleArts — now why didn’t we think of that? Batter’s up in Atlanta today and the first 1,000 fans to buy tickets will get a free tote bag with needlearts supplies.

Renkoo helps you make plans with your friends.

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