Booze Mail: 11 days, 100k users, 1 million drinks!

July 10, 2007

The title says it all. We released Booze Mail around 9pm on June 29. Around 9pm on July 3, four days later, Booze Mail had 10k users. And as of 9pm tonight (July 10), Booze Mail has 100k users who have sent more than a million drinks. Not bad for a week’s work.

The mention in the Washington Post probably didn’t hurt.

Today Jessica Guynn wrote,

As for one of our favorite Facebook applications, check out Booze Mail from the folks at Renkoo. The idea is simple. Everyone loves a tasty beverage, whether it’s soda, juice or mixed drinks. And we all love to share them with our friends. Now you can send your friends a drink or a round of drinks.

Thanks Jessica! We raise a toast to you and all of the other great Booze Mail users out there!!

Keep on sending drinks; we’ll make more.

Booze Mail Hits 100K

One Response to “Booze Mail: 11 days, 100k users, 1 million drinks!”

  1. I think its funny you guys got copied by the happy hour app already. Three Cheer for Nick!

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