The bar is now open!

June 30, 2007

Renkoo is all about friends, planning events, and managing your offline lives. Sometimes though, it’s worth the time to make something just for fun that you and your friends can use. That’s what Booze Mail is!

Booze Mail is a Facebook application built on the recently released Facebook Platform and hosted on Amazon’s EC2. What that means is, your friends on Facebook can now share the Renkoo!

Booze Mail is about one simple thing: we all love tasty beverages, whether it’s beer, mixed drinks, juice, soda or the infamous Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. We also love sharing that with our friends. With Booze Mail, you can send your friends a drink, send groups of friends a round of drinks, send them a message, and then your friends have the ability to redeem the sent drink. (You can actually send anyone on Facebook a drink, but we’ll let you figure out how to do that.) Also, if you like stats, check this out!

So, add Booze Mail to your profile, start sending your best buddies drinks, and when it comes time to redeem your drinks and get together with your friends, well, Renkoo can help with that. 🙂

9 Responses to “The bar is now open!”

  1. Asaf Says:

    Why on earth did you make an application for sending…drinks???

  2. […] Mail: 11 days, 100k users, 1 million drinks! The title says it all. We released Booze Mail around 9pm on June 29. Around 9pm on July 3, four days later, Booze Mail had 10k users. And as of […]

  3. […] worth the time to make something just for fun that you and your friends can use. That’s what Booze Mail is! Check it […]

  4. donovan Says:

    We just launched our app as well, it shows our wine offering for the day.

  5. […] their sites’ core offerings. One example was an app (a web 2.0 style called BoozeMail. It allows you to “send a drink” (a picture of one of many drinks along with a message) to a […]

  6. Ian Vincent Says:

    Nice app.
    Any chance of seeing other drinks added – or addable by users? I’d like to see flagons of mead , test tubes of Soma, and a wider range of whiskeys (Scottish, Irish and other lesser brands). Soft drinks should have chai, lapsang souchon tea, blood (y’know, for Goths), synthiKaff, Milk+drencrom for my droogies, maybe somethig a little heavier, like ayahuasca or smart drinks like a nice choline-pyroglutamate -ginkgo biloba in guava-strawberry juice… and many more I’m not f=drunk enough to rmemeber! Hic.


  7. Lara Says:

    Can you please make a “blueberry tea” drink served in a brandy glass with an orange slice? thanks!

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  9. […] Last night, Renkoo released our very own Facebook app to do exactly that — and encourage people to get together and deepen their relationships: […]

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