A Portland PLATFORM, A Spy Museum, Taste of Chicago, Seattle Seafair and A Fill the Need Pantry Feed

June 27, 2007

Renkoo Tip of the Week

Renkoo now has more social event types, so you can use Renkoo to plan a book club, knitting club, wine tasting, museum visit, or political get-together. Our favorite? Dessert.

Wednesday is the new Thursday

Fun things to make plans to do this week… besides visiting Citrine and Chavez Meat Market, of course…

Portland debuts the PLATFORM International Animation Festival this week, hoping to give animation artists a platform, literally speaking, where new and established animators and their fans can come together to party, picnic, workshop and premiere their work. The Portland Center for the Arts is the natural downtown host for this event with two bars, a restaurant, theaters and of course, the Willamette within walking distance.

Tired of reading about spies and watching them on TV and the big screen? Forget all that vicarious living and check out the International Spy Museum in D.C. where only 5% of the museum is focused on pop culture’s view of espionage. This summer there will be a new exhibit for all you kids (ages 12 and up) out there: you’ll be an operative for an hour during Operation Spy. Feel free to use Renkoo to plan your backstop.

Taste of Chicago has evolved from a one-day event with 250,000 visitors in 1980 to a ten-day event with 3.5 million visitors last year. Hours run 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. most days so even the most time-starved people can manage to visit Chicago’s front yard. There are over 60 restaurants making a presence (including A Natural Harvest and Abbey Pub), and all of the concerts are free. Ticket strips will run you $7 for 11 which should net you a piece of meat (giant turkey leg anyone?), a side dish and a drink. If you bring your own water (and hydrating is always recommended), you could get more creative with your tickets. Or heck, just call this your summer vacation and have at it!

Parents tend to get excited about new Pixar movies because it means there’s a remote chance they’ll be entertained too instead of simply forking over big bucks for any excuse to go to the movies again, even if it’s with the kids. But Bay Area parents can take it a step further and turn this summer’s kid flick into a real learning experience by participating in a Fill the Need Pantry Feed. See rat-a-too-ee at the Jack London in Oakland, the Berkeley 7, or the Hacienda 20 today, bring a food donation for the Alameda County Community Food Bank with you and have the kids trade cans for either some Ratatouille trading cards or a t-shirt. It’s a win-win for everyone so allez-vous a la cinema!

So Chicago has food… well, Seattle has water and maybe you’re automatically thinking raindrops but Seattleites are thinking Seafair, their traditional summer festival. This festival goes on not for a weekend, not for a week but for an entire month because they know they need to get out there while they can. The 36th annual Baffle Gab Milk Carton Derby kicks off Seafair next weekend at Green Lake Park but if you don’t got milk, then surely you got marathons, triathlons, fireworks, parades and pirates landing on the beach.

Renkoo helps you make plans with friends.

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