New Social Event Types! Tea and Dessert, Brunch and Knitting…Oh My!

June 21, 2007

One of my favorite parts of Renkoo is our social event type icons. They’re cute and shiny little pictures of the event you’re planning, from a plate of bacon and eggs for breakfast, to the sparkly disco ball for dancing. And while we had quite a few icons to start with, we know that Renkoo users plan lots of diverse social activities. Now, we’ve added another handful of social event icons, so that you can choose a more specific social event type, and you’re not stuck using other. Here’s a list of the new icons (and if you’re feeling motivated to try them, click the picture to plan that type of event):

  • Tea There’s nothing quite like having afternoon tea with your close friends, complete with the ubiquitous cucumber sandwiches and delightful French pastries.
  • Wine Tasting Ah, how could we call ourselves Northern Californians, if we didn’t have our beloved wine?
  • Brunch My own personal favorite meal – where else can you get lobster sauteed into your scrambled eggs?
  • Dessert We came up with this one when we all wanted to go out for gelato, but didn’t quite have the right icon. Now, we have it, and we can go out for gelato or cheesecake or key lime pie or…(you get the picture!)
  • Book Club Fine literature, great conversation, interesting people – what more could you ask for?
  • Knitting Don’t you know knitting’s not just for grandmothers and expectant mothers anymore? With all sorts of fun yarn and fashion-forward patterns, it’s been extremely popular recently. What could be more satisfying than wearing a custom creation that you made yourself?
  • Political The 2008 elections will be here sooner than you know. Until then, there are plenty of conventions, fundraisers, petitions, and other ways to make your voice heard. Take action, call your friends to participate, and don’t miss out on the democratic process.
  • Museum You know, we had an icon for an art museum/art gallery outing, but not for a more general museum – the kind with dinosaurs’ bones and exhibitions on ancient civilizations. Now we do, so you can learn as much about T-Rexes or ancient Rome as you want!
  • Lecture Sometimes, there’s a speaker that simply can’t be missed. Whether it’s your favorite actor, artist, author, professor, CEO, or scientist, plan the event with Renkoo!

Lots more are in the works, so stay tuned. Do you have a favorite social event type that we don’t have yet? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, enjoy the new icons!

One Response to “New Social Event Types! Tea and Dessert, Brunch and Knitting…Oh My!”

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