Where did all my old events go?

June 14, 2007

When you go to your Invites list today, you’ll notice something looks a little, well, absent. For starters, you’ll notice that only upcoming events will appear in My Invites. But where did your old invites go?

Today we’ve launched a much ballyhooed feature called Remember that helps you relive the good times of events that have already taken place. Think of it as your post-event forum where you and other guests can reconnect, share memories, post URLs to photos, and view the event details. It’s a great place to post lost and found items too.

To access your Remember list go to (you guessed it) our new navigation and click Events: Remember. All your old events will appear here listed in reverse chronological order. You might notice that some events that you deleted in the past will appear here too. If you no longer want to remember an event, simply click the ‘X’ button, just like your My Invites page.

The Remember page contains all the information you need to reconnect with other guests. All the event details will be present including an area to post comments for all the guests and host to see. Just like the comments field on Profiles and Place pages, you can add URLs and some limited HTML formatting such as <b> bold and <i> italic. This is a great place to add links to photos of your event, movies, and blog posts. Even better, if your event took place at a public place, we provide an easy way to add the place as a Keeper.

Attention hosts! When you plan an event, you’ll now see a “Don’t create a Remember” check box above the Send Invite button. Only check this box if you don’t want a Remember page created after your event takes place. If you don’t check the box, we will send an email to you and your guests when the Remember page is ready for viewing. There’s even a place for you to leave a note thanking your guests.

Now, go get your Remember on!

2 Responses to “Where did all my old events go?”

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  2. when they say it’s ove. Martino Heino.

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