Your Dashboard and our new Navigation

June 8, 2007

Get ready for a fun treat when you log in to Renkoo. We’ve just added a brand spankin’ new dashboard to keep you up to date on everything happening in your Renkoo world.

The Dashboard keeps you informed on all recent changes that have taken place across the site and in your sphere of influence. A ‘Recent Activity’ section includes comments added to your profile and comments you’ve posted to places and public profiles. We even threw in your recent Keepers to boot! Just like your profile, this whole section is also available as a handy dandy RSS feed.

Renkoo Dashboard

In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing plenty of new features on your dashboard; and don’t forget, we’re always taking requests.

In related news, Renkoo is now organized in four areas: Me, Events, Places, and Fun.

Renkoo New Navigation

At last, a quick way to navigate to your favorite Renkoo services and find new ones that were previously a challenge to find. Give it a try and, who knows, maybe you’ll come up with an excuse to use our Place Search, quickly find a place for lunch, or join the thousands who have already downloaded our new Firefox Toolbar. Seriously, who knew navigation could be so entertaining?

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