Renkoo tags; one step closer to gastronomic nirvana

May 17, 2007

As many of you already know, tags are a great way to categorize content in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Today we’ve added tags to our place pages, giving Renkoo users the ability to add unique, searchable information. Know the place has a patio or outdoor dining? Add it. How about “open late” or “cash only”? Great! Clicking a tag brings up a search results page where you can refine your result even further. Don’t forget, the more tags you add, the better the results will be for everyone.  

To add a tag on a place page, simply click the conveniently named “Add tags” link. Separate your tags with spaces and, for mulitple word tags, use quotes. For example, we just tagged Erawan Thai Restaurant, with the tags:

lunch restaurant thai curry “outdoor dining”

Tag on.

One Response to “Renkoo tags; one step closer to gastronomic nirvana”

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