Add A Renkoo User As Your Friend

May 4, 2007

While browsing Renkoo profiles, have you ever wanted to add someone you stumble across as a friend? Now you don’t have to navigate to Friends to do that! While you’re viewing a Renkoo user’s profile, if you’re not friends with that person, a link will show up under their name and friend statistics, which says “Add as a friend.”

Add User As Friend

If you click this link, a small dialog will pop up, prompting you to enter in this user’s email address to add them as a friend. We figure that if you friends with that person, you’ll know his or her email address, and that way, we don’t have any of the awkward “Should I accept him or not?” business that we frequently encounter elsewhere.

Add User As Friend

If you enter in the correct email address, the page will reload, and you’ll be able to comment on your new friend’s profile. Of course, the “Add as a friend” link will disappear.

But, if you keep getting an error message and you’re absolutely certain that is your friend’s email address, then maybe they use another email for Renkoo. Ask them for their Renkoo email or bug them to merge together their accounts. It’s quick and easy!

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