How to Link in Renkoo Comments

March 27, 2007

Now Renkoo profile and place comments support bold, italic, and linking.

First off, you can just type in profile and place comments and a link will magically appear, as long as the URL begins with http://

In addition, you can use these formatting elements:

<b> text </b> — bolds the text

<i> text </i> — italicizes the text

<a href=”webpage”> text </a> — creates hyperlink from text to webpage (illustrated below)

And, you can mix and match these; for example, Adam Rifkin wrote his comment on the Milagros place page by typing in:

<b>Delicious margaritas</b> with fresh <a href=””>Meyer lemons</a>… I crave them <i>fortnightly</i>!

Have fun linking!

How to Link in Renkoo Comments

4 Responses to “How to Link in Renkoo Comments”

  1. Yan Says:

    Cool, but on you can do *bold* and _italics_ and even put images in your comments. Why don’t you guys use textile/markdown or something like that instead of assuming your users know html?

  2. renkoo Says:

    Good enough for Flickr, good enough for us.

  3. Yi Says:

    I have personally known many individuals that refuse to learn/use pseudo-markup because logically, it does not make sense.

    Simple HMTL tags to make bold or italicized text are no more complicated or involved than having to explain what asterisks, pound signs, squiggly brackets, etc., will result in.

    Additionally, if each website implemented its own mock-markup, it’s quite a lot of random signs for people to use and remember.

    If websites only allowed actual HTML, then people are not only using (and learning) something worthwhile instead of gibberish, but they are also using a language that is universally accepted.

    I also appreciate it when websites don’t assume that I’m stupid and that I’m unable to comprehend what some brackets and letters mean.

  4. […] can then save the place as a Renkoo Keeper, and leave comments about the place for the world to see. Express […]

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