Why do you keep using IE6?

March 14, 2007

More than half the traffic to Renkoo is from the IE6 web browser.

So, for the IE6 users among us… we’re genuinely curious: why haven’t you switched to Firefox… or at the very least, upgraded to IE7?

WordPress won’t let us have forms on this page, so

Please explain why you use IE6 here.

This is a serious question. 🙂

5 Responses to “Why do you keep using IE6?”

  1. Yi Says:

    My father thinks that Firefox is spyware or something else like that, so he wouldn’t let my little sister install Firefox on their home machine. I referred my sister to a site that shows you how to make Firefox look exactly like IE6 by using skins and changing icon pictures.

    I think my father is one of those old-school programmers that doesn’t care how something looks because he’s not a front-end guy. But he hasn’t worked as a programmer in a while, so who knows.

  2. ifindkarma Says:

    I use IE6 because that’s what most Renkoo users use, and I want to see what they see.

    Talk about a circular argument. 🙂

  3. Jeffrey Says:

    I suspect the answer is going to be that most people who use your site with IE6 do so from their work machines and IE7 won’t be broadly rolled out in corporate organizations for another 6-12 months minimum. But it will be good to find this out from users — will you guys share the results when you get them?

  4. renkoo Says:

    Yes, we’ll share the results when we get them.

    And your explanation is as good as any we’ve heard so far…

  5. Biscuit Says:

    Most people don’t install security updates or update their security software. That’s why you’re seeing an old ineffective browser that’s full of security holes.

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