Renkoo Read Write Web

February 6, 2007

Jay Fortner writes in Next Generation of Online Invitation Services:

You can use Renkoo to begin the organization of an event and reach a consensus on the next meeting place. The conversation can be tracked in many different formats – including instant messenger, email, SMS or on Renkoo’s website.

Their ‘Comet’ technology enables two-way, real time communication for all people taking part in the discussion. If someone isn’t logged in, the conversation will be displayed in full the next time they go to their Renkoo account.

Jay suggests that we make the service smarter (in saving history and making recommendations) and easier (in allowing a quick invite to a group, integrated with mobile) — both of which are excellent ideas. We’re working steadily on enhancements to Renkoo along those lines.

One Response to “Renkoo Read Write Web”

  1. Jay Fortner Says:

    Thanks for the link!

    I think solving the quick and easy “what’s for lunch” office situation is so crucial to the mainstream user. Send me a coupon and a reccomendation. I’m tired of going to the same places 🙂

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