Slap me some skins

February 2, 2007

Renkoo beeta skin

Since we launched Renkoo, we’ve gotten three basic comments on our look and feel:

1) Cute and fun!
2) I love the black login page, why don’t you make it all look like that?
3) Too much pink!!!

So today we are very happy to announce that we have listened to all of you and added persistent “skins” to the site. Go to your profile page and use the selector there to choose from our classic blue style, the “beeta” style that looks like our login page, or our geekalicious new “terminal” style.

Renkoo terminal skin

3 Responses to “Slap me some skins”

  1. pecan Says:

    “Beeta” is my skin of choice! So hot, so hot! and more skins to come!

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  3. […] The screenshot below uses the stylish Beeta skin… […]

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