WoW, Movies, Beer, Griffith, and Football

January 17, 2007

Fun things to make plans to do this week…

Going to the Outlands to get your Draenei jewelcrafting thing on? Or are you rushing to 70 and spending all your gold on that FLYING epic mount? Hitting the new dungeons with some friends is serious business, with much XP to gain. Organize on Renkoo while you’re waiting in the queue to log in. Play on player!

Haven’t seen Babel, Dreamgirls or The Departed yet? These three films won Best Motion Picture, Drama; Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy and Best Director at this year’s Golden Globes. Plan a movie date tonight and start preparing your votes for this year’s Oscars.

What could taste better on a cold mid-winter night than a hearty ale, stout, or porter? Check out the microbrews at a beer festival near you!

No doubt all Angelenos have been meaning to check out the freshly renovated Griffith Observatory, but the holiday season got in the way. Now’s the time to make the trek up to the Art Deco jewel — but be sure to get shuttle tickets in advance!

Today is a big day for football… the NFL conference championships kick off at 3PM EST. For the football ignorant, this means the teams who win today’s games will go to the Superbowl on February 4th. No matter what, everyone can cheer for the New Orleans Saints and feel good about it.

Renkoo helps you make plans with friends.

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