Happy Holidays from Renkoo!

December 18, 2006

We thought we’d spread the holiday spirit with Renkoo‘s little helpers out and about on the town!

Renkoo's Little Helpers...

Happy Holidays!

4 Responses to “Happy Holidays from Renkoo!”

  1. Alex Says:

    Cute girls – or Renkoo Bees? 🙂 How much does it cost to get girls like these to wear Renkoo gear all around town?

  2. renkoo Says:

    4 Renkoo tanktops: $50
    4 Santa hats: $30
    4 Hot users who love Renkoo and want to promote it for free: Priceless

  3. Alex Says:

    🙂 good answer… kudos

  4. sally Says:

    Wow. How…liberating. (Did you note the sarcasm?). Ugh.

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