Renkoo is now open for anyone to try.

December 15, 2006

Renkoo tips our hats to Matt Marshall for writing Renkoo launches event service — in time to schedule holiday cocktails, in which he says:

The experience is best at Renkoo’s web site, but users can communicate via Renkoo’s site itself, email, SMS or AIM, whatever they prefer…

The technology part is remarkable.

We also give thanks to Liz Gannes, Pete Cashmore, Tim Converse, and Dojo Toolkit for their kind words.

Renkoo is now available for anyone to sign up and try, and we have several improvements in the works, too.

3 Responses to “Renkoo is now open for anyone to try.”

  1. […] Renkoo released a public beta last week. My first impressions were “this is a pretty crude effort.” But I had deeper misgivings about it, Skobee, and and other new entrants in group social planning that I couldn’t quite articulate. Today those misgivings crystalized when emails flew back and forth about a dinner invitation tonight that was originated last Friday. What was my friend thinking when she made that invitation by email instead of using Evite? […]

  2. I cannot select my correct location cause you support only US states..using the flickr image was impressive!
    Keep up this good work.

    Cristian –

  3. renkoo Says:

    Cristian, thanks for the kind words and the feedback!

    We’re thinking through how best to offer non-U.S. locations to Renkoo users. We’ll write more about this when we know more.

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