We Got the ‘Beat

September 20, 2006

Our very own Joyce Park just submitted a guest post to VentureBeat, “The Downfall of Female Role Models”:

There are few terms more abused in public life these days than “role model”, of course — I always admired Charles Barkley’s take on the subject, and certainly none of these women could be said to overtly have volunteered for the role — but like it or not they enter into the calculations of many women below them…

There’s a world of difference for me and my friends between “theoretically possible to succeed as a woman in this business”, and “lots of women have done it, maybe I could too.”

It occurs to me, as I’m posting, that our team has been heads-down lately, busy as bees building the next version of Renkoo for release later this year.

As a result, we missed posting some fun recent mentions of Renkoo by:

We’ll write more soon; for now, it’s back to heads-down for us…

5 Responses to “We Got the ‘Beat”

  1. James scalzo Says:

    Why has there been absolutely no progress on Renkoo in the last months? I thought investment should foster innovation, not stagnation! It was a decent idea but the execution…mmmmmmm….zzzzzz yeah…

  2. Adam Says:

    James, thank you for writing.

    I agree with you, Renkoo spent a lot of time listening to early users, removing some things that weren’t working, and adding some things that people asked for.

    Renkoo’s new release is coming soon. Until then we have lots more testing to do.

  3. minger.net Says:

    A Look at 19 Social Activities Services

    After reading the TechCrunch article on nascent activities-centered websites, I decided to take my own look at the activities space. I wound up examining nineteen ventures by the end. Their aims may seem too desparate to lump together in one examinat…

  4. James Says:

    On your front page, you should have the two screenshots link to full-size pictures. It’d be easier to tell what’s going on. Also, consider having more screenshots. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work. Renkoo looks very cool.

  5. Adam Says:

    Thanks, James. The front page will be changing soon, and soon we’ll be in public beta so anyone can try Renkoo.

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