Wanted: Senior Interaction Designer

August 10, 2006

Hey folks, we’re hiring again! This time, we’re looking for a special Interaction Designer who wants to lead Renkoo through our launch and beyond…

Renkoo is a new, technically innovative consumer website dedicated to helping people have fun. We help users coordinate small, frequent, casual get-togethers with their friends: drinks, meals, movies, sporting events, etc. Our UI employs a whole lotta Javascript, with LAMP and Python on the back-end.

As the Renkoo advocate for user experience, our Senior Interaction Designer will be responsible for producing or supervising all interaction design, visual design, and usability deliverables while working closely with our Engineering team.

As the first full-time Interaction Designer in the company, a large amount of this job will involve gathering input, reconciling it into a coherent vision, and then selling that back to all of the stakeholders. Such activity involves a lot of management and leadership, skills that are a key part of a Designer’s success.


  • 5+ years of Interaction Design experience, preferably on consumer Web sites and/or JavaScript-heavy Web-based applications.
  • Mastery of user-centered design process, designing workflows, navigation maps, and UI wireframes.
  • Strong experience and focus on a wide variety of consumer desktop, web-based, and mobile software, including instant messaging clients, email clients, RSS readers, and text messaging.
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you’re qualified (or know someone appropriate), please send a resume to

jobs -at- renkoo -dot- net

US Citizenship or Permanent Residency required. We’re very sorry to say that no sponsorships are available at this time. 😦

Our Redwood City office is convenient to Caltrain and driving.

3 Responses to “Wanted: Senior Interaction Designer”

  1. Markus Sorensson Says:

    I think is very unfortunate that your users all from all over the world, yet you can´t hire somebody who is not an “american” citizen.

    As of now, I will stop using Renkoo.

  2. Adam Says:

    Sorry to hear that, Markus.

    U.S. government regulations are tough on small American companies. We are not legally allowed to hire non-U.S. citizens for at least a year, because of U.S. H1-B visa rules and the fact that H1-B’s are tapped out until October 2007. 😦

  3. Artdog Says:

    As an American living abroad, first let me say Markus that I understand your anger at American policies but it is not Renkoo who is at fault here. If you want to blame someone then blame the Bush administration.

    Second, as an American and British citizen living in the Czech Republic, I have met with quite a bit of discrimination in my 9 years here in all areas of my life from social interactions, to government policies, to job interviews. I see more and more job ads stating “native czech speakers only” which is a obvious way of saying no foreigners without breaking EU law.

    Discrimination is everywhere. Believe me you will find allot more of it in many European countries than you will in the US.

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