New social event types, coming soon

June 26, 2006

So far we’ve seen people use Renkoo to plan getting together for drinks, coffee, meals, sporting events, concerts, and movies.

Now we’re ready to add some new social event types. Many of you have offered some great ideas using the Renkoo Feedback form — for social events such as play dates, dancing, and theater —  though we have also gotten some less-than-useful suggestions such as (ahem) "Booty call" and "Smoke a bowl". Trust us, you don’t want to be using Renkoo to plan those.

So tell us, dear Renkoo blog readers, if you have any other ideas for new social event types, by commenting on this post.

8 Responses to “New social event types, coming soon”

  1. Leroy Says:

    How about just “get together”? Sometimes my friends and I just want to hang out.

  2. Damon Thomas Says:

    Vacation. Sometimes vacations are planned with friends who are spread across the country.

  3. Dana Pero Says:

    How about BBQ, pool party, ‘come over to play cards’. I also second the play date, and ‘get together’. Is there any way to combine events? We often go out for dinner and a movie, but right now I can’t really do that…


  4. winryder Says:

    Triphub and Triporama are two new players in the vacation planning area. Much more comprehensive than the RSVP features of sites such as renkoo, skobee and evite.

    I like the idea of social events. Let’s say I want to plan a hike with a bunch of people on an outdoor e-mail list. I shouldn’t have to invite every one of them individually but they should be able to go to a renkoo page and just sign up if they want to come. Now, that would be a cool feature.

  5. Adam Says:

    Leroy, Damon, Dana, and winryder: Those are excellent ideas! Thank you!!!

    Here are some others we’ve gotten: picnic, video gaming, game night, bike rides, theater, art, beach, camping, road trip, knitting, poker, “day of beauty” / spa, mini golf, and bowling. Wow!!

    Leroy, “get together” is a very popular request.

    Damon, “vacation” is interesting. We hadn’t really considered it much, but once winryder pointed out Triphub and Triporama we’re thinking through the idea more.

    Dana, I like all of your suggestions! Combinations are really compelling — we’re looking forward to working on some great templates that will help significantly with that.

    winryder, you make some great points in your comment and on your blog. You’ve given us more food for thought as we think it all through…

  6. Juls Says:

    Must second the knit night, and also add shopping, girl’s night out, long-leash night, and TV events (like Oscars, American Idol finale, James Bond marathon, etc.)

  7. Adam Says:

    Julia, I like all those ideas… except…

    Well, I don’t quite understand what “long-leash night” is. Please explain? 🙂

  8. Renkoo Blog Says:

    To the dungeon!

    John used Renkoo to plan and schedule a World of Warcraft dungeon, um, party for this weekend. It begins! Soon we will have a new social event type: videogame!

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