Escaping the hive

June 19, 2006

When I first got to Silicon Valley, I was bummed when a friend of mine resigned from the company we both worked at. But he told me it was no big deal, because we’d still be friends and would find ways to work together in the future — both of which, 6 years later, have turned out to be true. Around here, professional partings are temporary, but friendships endure through the years… so it’s good to encourage individuals to do what’s best for them now, secure in the knowledge that someday you’ll be happy you did.

So when Dylan told us that he was leaving Renkoo, it was easier than you’d think to put our friendship before our employment relationship. Dylan has worked so hard to get Renkoo to where we are now, and is leaving us with the fruit of all that hard work and creativity. Furthermore, we’re still going to have the opportunity to work with him (and other talented Dojos) through Sitepen. And finally, how could we begrudge him such a unique chance to take Dojo as far as it can possibly go, as fast as he can? Every webdev wishes to make an advancement in the whole profession, and Dylan is in a great position to push the game forward with advanced AJAX and Comet techniques.

Everyone here at Renkoo wishes Dylan the very best as he transitions to working on Dojo and Sitepen full-time. Our relationship may be shifting somewhat, but he’ll always be a Renkoo to us.

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