Coolness factor

May 2, 2006

Joyce is sad about the recent overaggressive spring cleaning incident, so let’s cheer her up with a few Renkoo notes…

  • Ben Ramsey writes in Comet is the new AJAX, "I’ve also been able to take a look at Renkoo (still in beta), of which, I must admit, I was very skeptical about at first. However, after seeing how forward-thinking they have been with their technology and how they’ve managed to leverage as much of the

    “coolness factor”

    as possible into their service, I think they’ll pull it off quite nicely."

  • Josh Santangelo playing with Renkoo today told me he loved our crazy real-time-updating chat-like interface.

  • Ryan after using our application today wrote, "Renkoo would have been awesome for all the group projects I had this semester."

  • Oliver Tse wrote, "One of the coolest things about Renkoo is their calendar widget. I think they are using Dojo under the covers, but if you get a chance, check it out. The calendar widget is well executed."

All in all, it was a good day.

One Response to “Coolness factor”

  1. Sofay Says:

    Thx,I got it!The renkoo is very cool!I’ll have a nice day with my friends by renkoo!

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