Renkoo Beeta

April 28, 2006

Our hats are off to TechCrunch.

They scooped us on our own Renkoo Beeta launch. More soon…

6 Responses to “Renkoo Beeta”

  1. Adam Teece Says:

    Maybe I missed the beta, but I only see the original log-in page wit the pink background when I visit the site. Is it too late to get into the beta?

  2. Adam Says:

    It’s never too late to get into the beta. Watch this space on Monday, May 1…

  3. Ian Holsman Says:

    I missed out.. you did it while I was sleeping 😉
    any chance on giving a australian an account?

  4. Adam Says:

    Hi Ian!

    We’re letting people in little by little… thanks for signing up for beta!!

  5. IT|Redux Says:


    The IT|Redux weblog is five months old now, and its time for some status check. As of today, its ranked 5,822 on Technorati. Not exactly Boing Boing or Engadget, but better than any other blog dedicated to BPM or Office 2.0. The most popu…

  6. Renkoo Blog Says:

    Private Beta

    Since we are in private Beta, the only way to get into Renkoo right now is to be invited by someone already in the system. We appreciate the many people who have signed up for a Renkoo Beta account. Each

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