Enter the Matrix

April 25, 2006

The Matrix has many great lines. My favorite is,

There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Starting a company is a journey, and we who work in startups live by walking the path. Investors offer wisdom and guidance along the way.

As TechCrunch noted, Renkoo recently received an investment from Matrix Partners. Matrix was one of the most successful venture capital firms in the 1990s thanks to a deeply entrepreneurial investment philosophy.

Nowadays, Matrix is looking at more consumer Internet deals, with investments in The Ladders, Tabblo, and Renkoo — and more coming soon!

We at Renkoo started our journey in March 2005, and between then and now, we’ve been fortunate enough to have the wisdom and guidance of several seed investors. Among them are four founders (Michael Abbott of Composite Software, Joe Kraus of JotSpot, Raj Vaswani of Silver Spring Networks, and Peter Yared of ActiveGrid) and four experienced angel investors (Claudio Chiuchiarelli, Ron Conway, Asha Jadeja, and Rajeev Motwani).

Renkoo is very close to our Beta launch, and we thank all of our investors for their support. We’d like to give a special shout-out to Bob Lisbonne of Matrix, who regales us with tales of flying and sudoku solving.

From the time he managed consumer software at Apple’s Claris subsidiary, to later when he was in charge of Browser Products at Netscape, Bob has throughout his career enjoyed bringing to market products that people love. And his leadership in the decision to open source the browser and to create mozilla.org demonstrates a commitment to community as well.

It is those qualities in Bob that make us proud to call him a friend and partner of Renkoo. And so we walk the path together… to Beta and beyond…

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