Currying favor

April 16, 2006

We were friskily delighted to be accused of currying favor with our friend Zwoddy by plying him with 15-year old single-malt Scotch! They didn’t even spell his name right, much less correctly report the circumstances of said plying. Would it make us seem less naughty if we were to state categorically that no VC money was spent on booze for A-list bloggers?  🙂  Because we wouldn’t want to seem less naughty.

One Response to “Currying favor”

  1. Renkoo Says:

    Enormous social prowess

    All these tiny outages are making us hungry. Meanwhile, we welcome our new Blogospherian overlords, who keep us engaged with more Renkoo mentions than we can keep up with… Alex Bosworth: When you go to Renkoo, you can see at

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