Why the name Renkoo?

January 26, 2006

Om Malik wrote,

Have you noticed that the names of start-ups are getting stranger and stranger! Anyway, Mike Li, co-founder of Sixth Sense popped in today, and he lamented, "We cannot use any English names, because most of the good ones are taken." That explains why we are suddenly seeing an influx of Japanese names.

Our friend shoepal added a comment,

Joyce Park (and friends) have Renkoo, which is a sort of internetification of the Japanese word Renku.

Indeed, the name Renkoo does come from the Japanese word renku, which is one of the names for a form of linked poetry also called haikai no renga.

These poems are collaboratively composed by friends sitting together, each contributing a short verse in turn. The most famous renjyu (renku player) in modern times is the poet Bashō, who is more famous in the West for his haiku.

We chose the word renku because it’s short and connotes fun and interacting with friends. As for the change of spelling to Renkoo… well, we like shoepal’s explanation.

2 Responses to “Why the name Renkoo?”

  1. ifindkarma Says:

    Renkoo BusinessWeek

    It was so cool to open BusinessWeek and read Rob Hof’s article, Web 2.0 Has Corporate America Spinning, which begins, Web 2.0 technologies bear strange names like wikis, blogs, RSS, AJAX, and mashups. And the startups hawking them — Renkoo,

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