Votes and notifications

December 6, 2005

Today we released a bunch of new stuff, but I want to call out a couple of major things. First, you can now vote on times for events! Instead of scheduling a firm time or leaving it completely open, you can suggest three possible times and have your friends vote on which is best for them. Look for the enable voting checkbox on the date-time picker.

Also, we have SMS notifications! And you can now reply from HTML email or text email — so for all you email lovers who are holding back the Interweb, you no longer need to even log into the website to use Renkoo. We want you to have the Internet experience you want to have, using whatever applications you enjoy the most.

Go to Profile -> Contacts and then Notifications to set your notification preferences.

Finally, look for some new socialevent types: sporting event, music event, meeting, and conference call.

2 Responses to “Votes and notifications”

  1. Mishraz Says:

    Well .. from where can i get an invitaion ????

  2. Adam Says:

    We’re not ready for primetime yet. Soon, Mishraz, soon…

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