Throbbing pink submit button

November 17, 2005

When you try something different, you usually get unexpected behavior.

The Renkoo‘s application interface intentionally blurs the lines between "webby", desktop, and instant messaging. As a user, there are times when you might expect your actions to be automatically saved, and times when that is not really a good idea. ("Oops, I didn’t really mean to invite you to Thanksgiving, Monica… I err um meant to invite Mom and misclicked on your name instead…")

Having an interface that sometimes auto saves things for you, and other times does not, is not intuitive. So we’ve decided to give the throbbing pink submit button a try.

Now, when you make a change to an event or a response, you will see the Speak! button change from white to pink, with a subtle animation. We hope this will gently remind you that you have unsaved changes, but not annoy you by standing out too much.

Renkoo now also includes some substantial improvements to our mod-pubsub server. Can you say 10X faster? w00t!

4 Responses to “Throbbing pink submit button”

  1. I’d like to test renkoo if you are adding more people at this time. I write a blog called TechCrunch that reviews new applications.

  2. Sounds like something interesting from the UI point of view.
    How can we get an invite to Renkoo? I would like to review it for Emergintex.

  3. rainbal Says:

    Where to get renkoo?

  4. Adam Says:

    Thanks so much for the interest, folks. We’re not ready to go live yet, but watch here for updates on our status…

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