Refactoring and suckage

October 29, 2005

Hey! We’ve just poked our heads out of the refactoring burrow we’ve been living in for a couple weeks. As many of you alpha testers know, refactoring is one of those cool things where a lot of work is happening, but relatively little actual new functionality may appear to result — so you have to take our word for it that Things Are Better. A few features you may notice right away:

  • You can now choose between HTML or text email for notifications. Go to the Profile tab, and then the Contacts and Notifications subtabs.
  • Friends in your invite list are now alphabetized!
  • Internet Explorer look, feel, and performance was very substantially improved.
  • A couple of IE-specific bugs, like not being able to change your password, should be fixed.
  • Tons and tons of minor bug fixes.

We’ve also been dealing with the fallout of a burglary at our office, in which we lost a laptop.  This is part of a disturbing trend at Renkoo — not to whine, but I think it’s fair to say we’ve had more issues with hardware than any small team should reasonably expect. Not a single one of us is using the same primary laptop we had in March: Rifkin had TWO machines stolen this year (!), Dylan has been through like 3 different Powerbooks plus memory and motherboard and hard-disk replacements, OpsBoy got sick of dealing with Linux and went Mac, and I’m typing this on my third laptop this year. Did we anger the hardware gods somehow??!?!

To make matters worse, SixApart appeared to have lost my user information as part of their data center migration. I really hated to re-register, because I know how fubar things can get when people re-register with the same "unique" email address… but I couldn’t think of any other way to solve the problem. 😦

Thanks for your patience during our refactor; keep those comments and suggestions coming!

4 Responses to “Refactoring and suckage”

  1. Matias Says:

    Is there any possible way we can get an alpha account? Please please please!

  2. Adam Says:

    We’re not ready for primetime yet. Soon, Matias, soon…

  3. Markus Says:

    Hey, how near are you on primetime? I’m really curious to see your app in action and need to have volleyball event planned beginning of december. Do you think you are halfways finished in the next week(s) or should I better use a traditional mailinglist?


  4. Adam Says:

    Markus, thanks for your comment! We will not be ready in the next few weeks, but thanks for thinking of Renkoo.

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